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Merlin NYC

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NYC Merlin Meetups and Activities


Fan of the BBC's Merlin and live in or near NYC? Come hang out with us while we discuss Very Important Things, like Colin Morgan's cheekbones.

This community isn't ship specific, so please, no hating on anyone's het/slash/OT*/whatever. We like everybody, and we want to meet you all. Come introduce yourself here.

Meetups and activities in and around NYC will be planned here. There will be official meet-ups set to a schedule, which is being determined now so go vote in the poll please.

You are encouraged to plan your own meetups through this community, so plan away! Just use the meetups or activities tag.


1. Please keep all posts on topic. That means related to Merlin and/or fannish shenanigans in the NYC area. Off topic (OT) posts will be deleted.

2. Please be respectful of other members. Anyone found making hateful comments or picking fights will be removed from the comm. If the problem persists, we'll switch to moderated membership. (Please don't make me do that, guys!)

3. Please be aware that this is a public community, and as such, any personally identifying information you post here will be public. Don't post last names, addresses, phone numbers, etc. unless you are completely cool with that stuff being accessible to everyone.

4. If you are not from the NYC area, you are still welcome here. We'd love to have you join us if you're ever in town.

5. Have fun and be safe. Remember, not everyone you meet on the Internet is a weirdo (and not all weirdos are bad XD).


Please feel free to PM the mods or post in the community.


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